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Private Acupuncture

Ancient techniques with wisdom for a life of health and modern wellbeing.


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About Private Acupuncture

Whether you want to address something specific or just want to improve things in general – sleep, energy, mood, relaxation, mobility – acupuncture has the potential to help pretty much everyone.

It can be particularly helpful for people with chronic conditions. Whilst not a cure, it can help manage side effects of medication and relieve the intensity of symptoms so you can get on with your day a little bit easier.

Acupuncture can help with pain, tension and overall wellbeing on all levels: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

As well as the benefits of acupuncture, taking time out and making space in our day is very necessary in our modern world to catch our breath, clear the mental clutter and reconnect with ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Acupuncture points used are usually located on the lower arms and legs, you only need to roll sleeves and trouser legs up, and you can relax and restore in full comfort and privacy.

What will happen?

We start with a chat about your individual concerns and aims, followed by gentle placement of needles. Once in place, you can relax in a peaceful environment, maybe have a little acu-snooze and enjoy a calming and restorative interval in your day.

Is it for me?

It’s usually an incredibly pleasant experience and offers your body a cue that it has the time and space to do some uninterrupted healing work while you are still and relaxed.