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Bio Resonance
Body Scan

A full body scan while you relax in our calm surroundings.

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Body Scan is
Relaxing and Non Invasive

Our Bio Resonance scanner is one only a handful of state-of-the-art pieces of equipment in the UK that scans the entire body in a non-intrusive way. The analysis allows us to evaluate the patient’s body by using frequency patterns of organs and systems.

Once these frequencies have been identified and analysed we can transform the interfering frequencies into therapeutic frequencies and return them to the body. This helps to stem the flow of harmful substances and thus allowing the recovery of the functional equilibrium.

If required, we can investigate at deeper levels of tissues, cells, and even molecules. With the ability to detect information at these levels it becomes an instrument of enormous value in the field of prevention.

The sessions involve sitting or lying on a bed, wearing the specialised headphones whilst we show you the detailed information on a large screen. It’s very relaxing and you won’t notice a thing.

We are the only place in the Midlands to have a machine like this!

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More About Bio Resonance

Once the data has been obtained, advanced software is able to compare the information against a database of almost 14,000 substances which allows the following:

The highest probability concerning pathology, degree of disorder, time of evolution and even prognosis

Data of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc., which can be treated by the system itself

Data of loads such as toxins, radiations, dental materials

The most suitable frequencies in homeopathic remedies, phytotherapy

Microelements Qualitative estimation of hair mineralograma

Amino acids, vitamins

The level of heavy metal poisoning and the mineral profile

A food sensitivity test in which we obtain a list of beneficial, neutral and harmful foods for the user

Comparison of results and evolution, helping decision-making

Therapy & Recovery Solutions

Once we have completed the scan, it is possible for the system to analyse the results and produce options for remedy or therapy, such as:


Using the power of our machine’s bio resonance, we can pass the right frequencies back into the body via the headphones to help heal or improve any identified issues.


Using gems and minerals we can introduce the reparative frequencies back into the body to help with corrective therapy.


Harnessing the power of herbs and plants, we can provide the body with the correct frequencies that have been identified by our scanning software.


We can capture the frequencies from different remedies (Allopathy, Homeopathy, Dietary Supplements, etc) and transfer to your body in medicinal caplets that you can take each day to help with your recovery.

Can Bio-Resonance Radionics work for my horse, dog or cat?

In short; Yes.

Radionics can be used for a wide variety of conditions. Years of experience have shown it to be effective in the treatment of many conditions such as chronic and acute illnesses, respiratory, digestive, skeletal and muscular problems, allergies, injuries and so on. It is a complementary therapy for humans and animals.

Radionics is also very useful for alleviating behavioural problems in animals, and may help an owner to both understand the problem, and work with the animal to restore confidence and well-being.

Radionics has a long history in the treatment of animals, and many horses have benefited from being put on “The Black Box” (the nickname arising from original instruments).

Competition horses may suffer from “nerves” and tension in dressage, showing or show jumping. Radionics may be a very effective therapy, as well as potentiating athletic performance in the event or race.

Animal Health Check

Visit our partner site Animal Health Check for full details of how we can use Bio Resonance to discover more about your pet or animal

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Prices For Bio Resonance Scan

    30 Minute Scan
    Single Treatment
    • Non invasive
    • Meta therapy
    • 73 body checks
  • Best Value
    1 Hour Scan
    Single Treatment
    • Meta therapy
    • Vegetotest
    • 250 body checks
    2 Hour Scan
    Single Treatment
    • Meta therapy
    • Vegetotest
    • 1132 body checks