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Bulgarian Rose Massage

Restoring your femininity and self-steem with a combination of Bulgarian rose oil and pink quartz.


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About Bulgarian Rose Massage

Single treatment that unites the properties of the essential oil of rose of Bulgaria, which has balancing properties on the emotional level; the properties of Rose Quartz, that boosts the human body’s energy field, it harmonizes and balances. It is a treatment highly cell regenerator, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing. It provides a sensation of lightness and softness, helps stabilize emotionally, calms the emotions, and comforting.

It also softens the expression of the face and help to relax the muscles taut because of the stress. Psycho-aroma therapeutically it also helps to increase self-esteem in women and rediscover the own femininity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
For this treatment it is recommended to come with a bikini or underwear, since this way it facilitates the massage and then the placement of the quartz.

What will happen?
One begins with a body massage of the whole body with oil of Rose of Bulgaria and then to pass to the therapy of the quartz, in which are placed 19 quartz pink in specific points of the back and chakras. Thus achieving a relaxing, energetic and feminine therapy.

Is massage for me?
It is recommended this treatment in case of stress and anxiety or emotional disturbance; Somatization of stress: body muscle tension, facial pressure, contraction of the muscles of the face; lack of self-esteem in women; woman with a tendency to “role” male. It can be used in all skin types, but it will be especially grateful for people with skin dehydrated, dry, undernourished and aged.